Green food tastes like it's healthier than the others, doesn't it? Maybe it's Popeye's fault. Many people don't like spinach but when you mix it with garlic, add some nutmeg and serve with sour cream or yoghurt, it would smell and taste wonderful. Try this recipe. I love making veggies pancakes, especially in summer. Quick, simple & delicious meal, perfect for hot days.

for 2 people

300 g fresh spinach leaves
2 eggs
50 ml sweet cream
40 g flour
2 cloves of garlic
salt & pepper
olive oil

Good tip: add some blue cheese to the batter to get more luxurious taste!

1. Clean the spinach leaves and blanch them (put on collander and pour boiling hot water on it).
2. Drain the spinach and put it to the bowl.
3. Add eggs, cream, flour, minced or crushed garlic and spices.
4. Blend together until thick batter.
5. Heat a lightly oiled frying pan.
6. Pour or scoop the batter onto the pan, using one spoon for one pancake.
7. Serve hot with sour cream or homemade tzatziki dip.


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4 Responses so far.

  1. Ania. says:

    Nigdy nie jadłam nic ze szpinakiem :)

  2. Nie wierzę! Koniecznie musisz to nadrobić :-)

  3. An gie says:

    I've never eaten fresh spinach, only frozen! But I put spinach on pancakes, I love it!

  4. Ostatnio robilam zielone nalesniki, ale jako baze do zawiniecia farszu. Wyszlo cos a'la krokiety a w srodku starty zolty ser, pieczony kurczak, cebulka. No i zmikosowalam zwykle ciasto nalesnikowe na bazie wody z listkami swiezego szpinaku.

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